(Photos): Fan undergoes 13 surgeries, spends 150K to look like his favourite player!

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One Montreal Canadiens fan has definitely found a new way to express your adoration for a team, or should I say a player. Stephane Gauthier, a 35 year-old computer scientist, is a local Montreal man and a huge fan of the Montreal Canadiens. He is also an enormous fan of "The Dutch Gretzky", Canadiens forward Dale Weise. How much of a fan you ask? According to a Montreal newspaper the Journal De Mourreal, Gauthier underwent 13 plastic surgeries and spent over $150,000 dollars in order to transform himself into a Dale Weise look alike. Gauthier said it was his goal for many years to undergo the procedures and is very happy with the results. "I very much admire Dale Weise," said Gauthier enthusiastically. "I really want to be like him: tenacious, hard working and handsome! He truly is my hero! Now I can finally say that I look just like him. " Upon hearing about his biggest fan, Dale Weise seemed surprised and amused by the sitution. He also said he would invite the fan to one of the Habs games at the Bell Centre. This is the final result:


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