The NHL's 16 most beautiful hockey players.

The most beautiful men in the National Hockey League.


((The NHL's 16 most beautiful hockey players.))

There's no doubt that the National Hockey League features some of the greatest athletes from across the world, and with high performance athletes naturally come high performance bodies.

As a result it should comes as little surprise that the National Hockey League also features a large number of extremely attractive individuals, some of whom have developed followings outside of hockey based entirely on their looks alone.

Today we've put together of the 16 most beautiful hockey players in the league, and it's important to note here that these things are entirely subjective, so if you happen disagree don't hesitate to let us know who you think should have made the list.

Jaromir Jagr

Gabriel Landeskog

((Jared Boll))

Ryan Kesler

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((Kris Letang))

Bryan Bickell

((Adam Vey))

Derrick Brassard

((Brandon Prust))

Eric Gudbranson

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((Jonathan Bernier))

Mike Fisher

((Henrik Lundqvist))

Chris Higgins

((Tyler Seguin))

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Beau Bennett