THIS is why you have to be tough to play hockey!! (PHOTO INSIDE!)

The kid is a legitimate beast, he barely skipped a shift!


Okay, if you've been following us for at least a few months, you know we like hard hits, intense fights and overall badasseries. 

Well, this kid playing for the Brooks Bandits tops the chart for this month: 

From what we can understand, he received a hit to the face with a stick. He missed a few shifts, to stop the annoying bleeding you know, and then he got back into the game like it was nothing. 

What happened to the missing teeth is still left to be discovered, but we can reasonably expect the tooth fairy has nothing to do with it. 

What. A. Beast. 

With 52 points in 59 games playing in the Alberta Junior Hockey League, Dennis Cesana is putting it all on the ice on every shifts he gets. We won't act like we knew the guy before, but we want to know a lot more about him now!

Now , just imagine if that kind of injury happened to a baseball or soccer player...