1000+ game veteran will need to fight for PTO!

We hope one team will give him a chance. Do you?

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There has been lots of movements on the free-agency market in the past weeks, however it seems like one player might have fallen in between the cracks. 

What will happen of Jason Pominville, who broke down in tears at the end of his season with the Buffalo Sabres, not knowing if he would be back. 

But we know it won’t be for the same price tag! The 1,060-game veteran certainly isn’t worth the $5.6 million he was raking in Buffalo last season. He is a needed veteran around the team with playoff experience and is respected in the dressing room.

The 36-year-olds still put up consecutive 16-goal, 30-point seasons and won’t let a team down by taking foolish penalties. However, Luke Fox of Sportsnet believes Pominville might have to earn a spot on a PTO. 

He could manage to take a third-line role on a club in need of wing depth, but for now, he keeps on waiting to keep the dream alive.