19-year-old D-man has chest slashed open just weeks after Adam Johnson’s death

19-year-old D-man has chest slashed open just weeks after Adam Johnson’s death

WARNING if you’re sensitive to blood or injury. This happened in a gruesome incident mid game…



A horrific incident was reported out of Norway during a national league hockey game that took place on November, 30. Jonas Nyhus Myhre, 19, who plays for a youth team from Lörenskog, Oslo, was caught in a scuffle in front of the net with an opponent and ended up catching his blade straight in the chest area. The stray blade however sliced through not only his clothing, but also his skin and muscle.

Once he realized he was bleeding Nyhus Myhre only got up and carried on skating straight away, not realizing something was horribly wrong. However when he noticed that he couldn’t use his muscles properly, he headed towards his team’s bench and asked his teammates to take a look at his chest.

As you can imagine, they immediately rushed him to the dressing room and out to the closer hospital for evaluation.
When he was reached after the game, he admitted to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that the collision juste felt like a horse had kicked him.

“I had so much adrenaline that I didn’t feel it for the first few minutes. But after about five minutes it started hurting like hell and I couldn’t use the pectoral muscle.

“I never saw the wound myself so I pulled up my jersey and asked some teammates if it was bleeding. They had a shock reaction and immediately called for a doctor.”

“The chest muscle was split in half.”

It was even worse than this, according to doctors, who had had to stitch both his skin and his muscle back together. If the stray blade had hit closer to his heart, it was over.

Jonas added: “I was very lucky.”

This is what the injury looked like:

19-year-old D-man has chest slashed open just weeks after Adam Johnson’s death

Nyhus Myhre is expected to make a return only in the middle of February at the earliest, meaning he will unfortunately be unable to represent his country at the upcoming World Hockey Championships.

This terrible incident comes just a month after Adam Johnson, an American hockey player, died after his neck was cut by a skate blade in October. The former NHL forward was playing for the Nottingham Panthers in a Challenge Cup game against the Sheffield Steelers when he was injured mid-match. The arena was emptied as ambulances responded to the scene and Johnson was rushed to the local hospital. He was later pronounced dead, at just 29 years old.

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Source: Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet