2 player trade proposed between Red Wings and Oilers.

2 player trade proposed between Red Wings and Oilers.

An NHL reporter has proposed a rather ambitious trade between the Edmonton Oilers and Detroit Red Wings.

Jonathan Larivee

It is desperation time in Edmonton and during desperate times come desperate trade proposals.

Over the weekend, veteran Edmonton Oilers reporter Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal proposed a 2 player trade between the aforementioned Oilers and the Detroit Red Wings. In what I suppose Matheson believes would be a solution to the Oilers' goaltending woes, he proposes that the Oilers send goaltender Jack Campbell, and a bunch of assets along with him, to the Red Wings in exchange for veteran goaltender James Reimer.

From Matheson:

James Reimer in Detroit would also be a target of Oilers at $1.5 mil but he has NTC too (seven teams). Plus, elephant in room is getting Holland's old student Yzerman to take back Campbell. And that would be costly (several sweeteners)...

From the perspective of the Red Wings I simply do not see this deal enticing general manager Steve Yzerman. Not only would he be taking on Campbell's cap hit of $5 million for this current season, but there are 3 more years remaining on Campbell's contract, an ill advised deal signed by Oilers general manager Ken Holland. While the Oilers have their first round pick in both 2024, and 2025, Yzerman will likely want to have the cap flexibility in the coming years when he expects his team to be a playoff contender.

I don't think Ken Holland and the Oilers would like the other end of this trade either.

The Oilers would be giving up a king's ransom in assets in order to entice Yzerman into taking on Campbell and all for the goal of acquiring James Reimer? Although Reimer has proven to be a solid goaltender over the years, and is even having a good season with a 2.30 goals against average and a .917 save percentage over 6 games, he simply isn't going to be the savior for the Oilers. Add to that the fact that the Oilers would be giving up a first round pick, or multiple first round picks, and I don't see any reason the Oilers would make such a deal.

Do you like Matheson's trade proposal from either side? Or is the veteran Oilers reporter simply out to lunch on this one?