2024 Stadium Series jerseys get destroyed by fans in online rants! on X  

2024 Stadium Series jerseys get destroyed by fans in online rants!

The jerseys are out and getting loads of reactions. Thoughts?



The NHL’s Stadium Series sweaters were revealed on Friday morning, and quickly they started trending with fans commenting on the look and design of all four jerseys.

A pair of outdoor games is taking place on Feb. 17 and 18 at MetLife Stadium that will pit the Philadelphia Flyers against the New Jersey Devils on the Saturday night, and the New York Rangers against the New York Islanders on the following Sunday afternoon. All four teams will have a special uniform for the events.

All four jerseys present “bold and statement designs” that represent elements of the clubs’ histories. The league was going for “oversized numbers, letters and graphics that convey a futuristic vision of hockey, played outdoors in stadium settings.”

There are some different elements to each as well. The Devils went for a striped look is a two-color version of their current home uniforms, but quite blown up.

The Rangers have oversized stripes meant to mimick those on their current away jerseys.

The Flyers chose to bet on their very own Burnt Orange, but also added an extended version of their unique contrast nameplate that stretches all the way around to create sleeve stripes out of the classic Philly feature.

As for the Islanders, they went for a stripped-down version of their wordmark on the sweater, but went crazy with the size of it and will have one of the largest chest stripes Adidas has ever made for an NHL sweater.

Fans didn’t waste time commenting on the sweaters and of course, a lot were not impressed with the oversized look and bold colours and designs. Here are a few reactions to the new jerseys that were trending on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The league has continued to unveil further details of the marquee event this past week, though these jerseys are the ones who are really getting the fans going on social media.

What do you make of the special jerseys for the 2024 Stadium Series?

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