22-year-old defenseman cracks his goalies helmet during practice on Thursday.

Goalie takes a shot so hard to the head it cracks his helmet.

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Buffalo Sabres goaltender Anders Nilsson has had a strong showing in his first ten games for the Buffalo Sabres and it looks like his teammates are helping him keep sharp while goatender Robin Lehner takes on the bulk of the stars.

We know that Nilsson has been under heavy fire from teammates during practice because on Thursday Nilsson's mask was cracked when he took a rocket of a shot off on the head. 

It was one of Buffalo's best young prospects, defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen who fired the shot on Nilsson, something that Nilsson probably won't be too happy about both because of the headache he's likely to have as well as the fact that he now has to wear a plain white helmet.