3 NHL legends surprise Marc-Andre Fleury during his 1000th game.
Glenn Stubbe/Star Tribune  

3 NHL legends surprise Marc-Andre Fleury during his 1000th game.

Marc-Andre Fleury received a huge honor on Sunday night, with 3 legends showing up to celebrate his milestone.

Jonathan Larivee

A milestone evening for Marc-Andre Fleury has been made all that much more special thanks to a trio of National Hockey League legends who took time out of their busy schedules to honor Fleury on his special night.

As Fleury was being honored for his 1000th NHL game on Sunday night, former NHL goaltenders Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy and Roberto Luongo all showed up to praise Fleury on both his incredible achievement as well as his incredible career in the NHL thus far. It was a great show of class on the part of all 3 goaltenders, all of whom also broke the 1000 game mark during their NHL careers.

Brodeur kept things short and sweet, welcoming Marc-Andre Fleury to a truly elite group of NHL goaltenders.

"Hey Marc-Andre congratulations on 1000 games, really impressive, welcome to the club buddy," said Brodeur.

Roberto Luongo shared his thoughts on Fleury both as an opponent as well as a spectator, but focused on what he loved most about Fleury which was Flower's own love of the game.

"You still bring so much enjoyment to the game, and that's something I've always loved about your game," said Luongo.

Perhaps the strongest message though came from legendary competitor Patrick Roy, who like Luongo chose to highlight Fleury's love of the game in what was a genuinely heartfelt message from Roy.

"I always admire the fun you had on the ice," said Roy with genuine emotion in his voice.

A great tribute to Fleury, and one he will no doubt cherish for the rest of his life.