3 players with big money on the line in the playoffs.

3 players with big money on the line in the playoffs.

There are 3 players remaining who still have money riding on their success in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Jonathan Larivee

At this stage of a National Hockey League season there is no real need for added motivation when it comes to the players out on the ice, but in spite of that there are a few players still alive in these playoffs who do in fact have a little extra incentive to perform at their very best.

Of all the players who entered the Stanley Cup playoffs with playoff-related performance bonuses only 3 still remain, and interestingly enough all 3 are on different teams which makes it seem likely that at least one of these 3 men may still cash in on their bonus.

Of the three who remain it is New York Rangers goaltender Jonathan Quick who stands to gain the least with $25,000 on the line for the Rangers backup goaltender. Quick's path to the bonus is rather straightforward, with the Quick only cashing in if the Rangers manage to win the Stanley Cup.

Next up on the list is Edmonton Oilers forward Corey Perry who has a cool $50,000 riding on his performance in the playoffs, although his bonus will be a little easier to attain than the others. Perry only needs the Oilers to advance past the Dallas Stars in the Western Conference Final to cash in, assuming he has played in either 50% of the WCF games or 50% of the Oilers playoff games leading up to that point.

When it comes to who has the most riding on the outcome of these playoffs though it isn't even close with Kyle Okposo of the Florida Panthers standing to gain a whopping $500,000 in bonus money. Okposo's task won't be easy however as it will require the Florida Panthers to win the Stanley Cup in order for him to cash in on that big payday, something that he is no doubt striving for each and every time his skates hit the ice.

It is certainly something worth keeping an eye on as these playoffs progress. Which of these 3, if any, do you believe will cash in on their performance bonuses before the playoffs are over?