3 top KHL players that are possibly moving to the NHL.

Would you take a shot at one of them?

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It's an NHL salary cap era and most of GM have to be creative to fit the most talented players possible without impacting the future of the organization. Trading is losing in popularity as teams are asking ridiculous price for their players. As a GM, you now have two options if you want to progress : Either you go by the draft or you try to sign KHL players who wants to play in the NHL.

Keep in mind The Montreal Canadiens (Radulov) and the Chicago Blackhawks (Panarin) have already hit Home Runs that didn't cost them any effective pieces of their player roster.

KHL elite player Vadim Shipachov was drawing a lot interests from many NHL teams during last summer. Among them, Florida Panthers, Detroit Red Wings, and Montreal Canadiens were all in the race to repatriate the offensive sensation to North America.

In a recent top-3 made by the reporter Aivis Kalnins, Shipachov is not the only KHL likely to travel all the way from Russia to North America.

Evgeny Dadonov (30-31--61) and Maxim Shalunov (19-17--36) might join Shipachov on the other side of the ocean.

Would you guys take a shot at one of them?