4 consecutive penalties lead to a late collapse from the Penguins.

4 completely unnecessary penalties may cost the Penguins huge.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins looked like they were going to be cruising to an easy victory in Game 6 of their second round Stanley Cup Playoff series against the Washington Capitals, but they have managed to cough up a massive lead in short order.

After the Penguins took a three goal lead, the discipline began to seemingly fall apart on the squad, and it eventually led to four unanswered penalties from the Penguins, resulting in two power play goals, and a tie game at the end of the third period.

To make matters worse, all the penalties were avoidable ones, the Penguins started the spree with three consecutive delay of game calls for clearing the puck up and over the glass, and that was followed up by an interference call on Kris Letang for his hit on T.J. Oshie.

Here's one of the delay of games.


And here's the penalty on Letang, the fourth consecutive penalty for the Penguins.