4 NHL players have been claimed on waivers on Monday.

4 NHL players have been claimed on waivers on Monday.

After a busy final day of preseason waivers we now know that 4 players are on new teams.

Jonathan Larivee

All rosters in the National Hockey League must be locked in by Monday at 5pm EST and as a result we had a big day of waivers on Sunday, the final day that teams could place players on waivers before the roster lock took effect.

There were a number of players that appeared as though they had a decent chance of being claimed by teams around the league and we have now learned that 4 of those players were in fact claimed. NHL insider Elliotte Friedman broke the news on Monday, revealing that the Pittsburgh Penguins, Ottawa Senators, Calgary Flames and Colorado Avalanche had all successfully claimed a player from a rival team.

In the case of the Penguins, they have claimed 23 year old defenseman John Ludvig off of waivers from the Florida Panthers.

In the case of the Ottawa Senators we see them claiming former first round pick Lassi Thomson from the Anaheim Ducks, this after the Ducks had claimed Thomson from the Senators last week.

In the case of the Calgary Flames we have them claiming 26 year old forward A.J. Greer from the Boston Bruins.

And last but not least we have the Colorado Avalanche claiming goaltender Ivan Prosvetov from the Arizona Coyotes.

As mentioned all rosters must be finalized before 5pm EST on Monday, so expect announcements in that regard from all 4 of these teams in short order.