42-year-old Datysuk is having the best season of his career!

Bring him back to the NHL now!


The magician is simply amazing. Now, we are not just saying this because we love Pavel Datsyuk and all that he has done for the National Hockey League, we keep saying that because it is simply true. 

Forget that he is 42 years old. Does that have ever stop a player as talented as Datsyuk? Hell no! Let’s not compare him to Jaromir Jagr, the guy is in a league of his own. 

On Tuesday in Russia, Datysuk made history again : the 42-year-old stay player, now evolving with his hometown KHL club Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg, is currently on pace to collect 55 points in 53 games, his best KHL season ever. He has currently racked up 21 points and shows no sign of stopping. 

As I write this, I get a bit upset because I would just love to see the Magician on NHL ice again. Now that would be one hell of a magic trick! 

I’d love to see him go out with one last go-around with the Detroit Red Wings. You have to believe the young Wings players would benefit from seeing the legend in action and aspire to become the Cup champion he is. 

And seeing the way Datysuk is producing now in the KHL, you have to believe general manager Steve Yzerman could be tempted to give him a call. 

Well, I am, but I doubt I have enough spare change to convince him to come back to the NHL. But Yzerman has the financial powers. Come on! The Magician is no old man, look at him go in Russia! 

This will also have fans wondering when we will see Datsyuk enter the Hockey Hall of Fame in America. While we can't say it's a slam dunk, it's very likely he will appear on the ballot one day. Come on, the man scored 314 goals and notched 604 assists, appeared in three All-Star Games, won four Lady Byng Trophies, three Frank J. Selke Trophies, and two Stanley Cups.

It feels like Datysuk keeps reminding us how great of a hockey player he is, especially with his record-breaking season in the KHL, and if he doesn't return to the NHL (yes, we know, it's just a dream), we cannot wait to see him enter the HHOF.