5'10 Angus Crookshank attempts to fight 6'6 Simon Edvinsson.

5'10 Angus Crookshank attempts to fight 6'6 Simon Edvinsson.

Angus Crookshank let his emotions get the best of him and picked a fight he had no business in.

Jonathan Larivee

Angus Crookshank definitely has more brawn than brains.

The 24 year old former 5th round pick (126th overall) of the Ottawa Senators at the 2018 NHL Entry Draft decided to put himself in something of a David vs Goliath matchup on Saturday night but unfortunately for Crookshank size did matter in this particular exchange.

Crookshank and his Belleville Senators, the American Hockey League affiliate for the National Hockey League's Ottawa Senators, were taking on the Grand Rapids Griffins, the AHL affiliate of the NHL's Detroit Red Wings, and things got pretty heated with one minute left to go in the game's third period.

An incredible individual effort from Marco Kasper, a Red Wings first round pick (8th overall) at the 2022 NHL Entry Draft, would eventually lead to an empty net goal for the Griffins and that would set off some fireworks on the ice. The Senators were likely embarrassed that they had allowed a goal to be scored in such a manner, and that resulted in a bunch of pushing and shoving between the Senators and Griffins.

While all this was going on however, Crookshank took exception to some of the treatment he had received at the hands of Griffins defenseman Simon Edvinsson, another Red Wings first round pick (6th overall) this time at the 2021 NHL Entry Draft. It was enough to send Crookshank into such a rage that he dropped his gloves and began throwing punches at Edvinsson, a much larger man.

This resulted in a rather hilarious scene where the 5'10 Crookshank appeared to have to leap up to strike the 6'6 Edvinsson who just stood there in disbelief. Edvinsson even let Crookshank get a second shot in on him before he finally decided to respond, throwing a few punches at the back of Crookshank's head.

Luckily for Crookshank he was shown some mercy with Edvinsson choosing to wrestle him down to the ground rather than pummel his opponent.