5’4 Gerbe takes down 6’3 Sanheim in a fight!

The shortest guy in the league is FEARLESS!

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Boys, size does not matter here! 

On Thursday night, Columbus Blue Jackets forward Nathan Gerbe wasn’t afraid of anything. 

At the end of the second period, Gerbe was not messing around: he went straight to Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux, who is 5’11, and took him down with a huge hit. 

Do we have to remind you Gerbe is just 5’4?

Maybe we do, because right after the hit, Flyers’ Travis Sanheim was not very pleased with his captain being down and so he headed to Gerbe never imagining he would be game to fight. 

Well, surprise! Gerbe was first to drop the gloves and took the 6 foot 3 defenseman down. Check it out: 

You have to respect Gerbe, who not only plays hard but is never conscious of his height (or lack thereof) and plays like he’s taller than Zdeno Chara! 

Go shorty!