8 teams scouting team expected to blow up their roster.

Big time trade rumors with 8 NHL teams with scouts confirmed at one game.

8 teams scouting team expected to blow up their roster.

There have been some big time rumors floating around about the Colorado Avalanche.

It comes as no surprise really that a struggling team that was abandoned by their coach, an extremely rare occurrence in professional sports, is looking at making some major changes, and as a result the rumors that the team is looking to blow up their roster make perfect sense.

Things got very interesting on Sunday night as a report that no less than 8 teams were scouting the Avalanche's game against the Boston Bruins, presumably looking to pick up a valuable piece from the Avalanche if the price is right. 

Adrian Dater of Bleacher Report revealed late last night that following teams had scouts at the game:

Montreal Canadiens

Calgary Flames

Vancouver Canucks

Nashville Predators

New York Rangers

Philadelphia Flyers

Buffalo Sabres

New York Islanders


Obviously with the sheer number of teams involved here it's impossible to speculate on where this may be going, but if the Avalanche continue to lose games it's reasonable to assume that the team will make a move, if not several moves on the trade market.