9 players the Maple Leafs can bring in for the playoffs.

Leafs will likely bolster their roster.

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Last week Sportsnet National Hockey League insider Elliotte Friedman revealed that teams in the National Hockey League would be allowed to carry 28 skaters on their roster as well as an unlimited supply of goaltenders. You can bet that every single team in the National Hockey League is going to be taking full advantage of this, because why wouldn't you, given that everyone of the players involved will have otherwise been out of action for several months before the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs kick off.

In a recent article for The Athletic TSN National Hockey League insider James Mirtle indicated that he believes the Leafs will had 9 total players to their roster with 7 skaters being added to the fold and an additional 2 goaltenders joining the main roster as well. Here is a look at the players Mirtle believes will soon be joining the Leafs porper:

#1 Timothy Liljegren.

Without a doubt the most obvious candidate, many feel Liljegren is already an NHL level player and no doubt if the Leafs could have carried him on their roster this season they would have. 

#2 Nick Robertson

The former 2nd round pick (53rd overall) at the 2019 NHL Entry Draft is one of Toronto's most exciting young prospects. At 18 years old he tore up the Ontario Hockey League this season putting up a whopping 55 goals and 31 assists for 86 points in just 46 games played.

#3 Kenny Agostino

Agostino has been a borderline NHL player for several seasons now and it is for that reason that he has bounced around from one NHL team to another. That being said with an expanded roster including him after his strong performance in the American Hockey League this season is a no brainer.

#4 Adam Brooks

Mirtle believes Brooks is "by far" the team's best depth option at center. Brooks saw his season hampered by injuries but he may be one of the players who will end up benefiting from the extra rest provided by the season shutting down. Brooks is now fully recovered and ready to go.

#5 Matt Marincin

Marincin was somewhat of a controversial figure in Toronto with some fans believing players like the aforementioned Liljegren should have had a roster spot over him and by the end of the season he was sitting in the press box more often than not. Once again though with the expanded roster Marincin seems like an obvious choice.

#6 Egor Korshko

Korshko is in my estimation the biggest long shot on this list to actually make an impact in the playoffs. The 23 year old is too up and down to be a reliable option on the playoffs and I think the next man on this list will likely see more opportunity than him.

#7 Nic Petan

Petan is coming off a solid season in the American Hockey League and he boasts a wealth of NHL experience that Korshko simply does not have. I could see head coach Sheldon Keefe leaning on the veteran if some of his main roster players get banged up.

The last two entrants on Mirtle's list were goaltenders Kasimir Kaskisuo at #8 and goaltender Joseph Woll at #9. The ability to include as many goalies as you want means that you're going to want to have some goaltenders warmed up and ready to play even if they likely will never see action, and that is exactly the case for both these men.