A 2016-17 lottery team to win the Stanley Cup?!

Off the floor, on the board!

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The EA Sports NHL video game does a preseason simulation and fans wait for their prediction of which team will raise the cup. Last season, they predicted a final between the Montreal Canadiens and Nashville Predators - and they were half right about it. 

But this year, they have predicted that a non-playoff team from last season would lift the cup. They also predicted that the Vegas Golden Knights would not finish last in the League: that spot is reserved for the Detroit Red Wings. The Vancouver Canucks are not expected to do much better than last season, finishing last in the Western Conference.

The big winners of the simulation are : the Tampa Bay Lightning, who would go from having a 1.804% chance at the 1st overall pick in last year's lottery to the Stanley Cup. They would beat the Edmonton Oilers to be crowned champions. 

The Canadiens, who would finish fourth in the East, would lose in the first round to the Toronto Maple Leafs, to make the Canadian rivalry even better. And the defending champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins, would lose to the new ones, the Lightning. 

The season is starting tonight and already, fans are getting pumped about the grande finale!