A behind the scenes look at how the Sabres managed to land Taylor Hall

Phone calls, Zoom meetings, negotiations, it's all in this behind the scenes video from the Sabres' Youtube.

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Forget the coronavirus, forget the 2020 U.S. election... the biggest news of 2020 is the Buffalo Sabres signing star free agent Taylor Hall. Well... at least it's the biggest news in the hockey world.

Hall absolutely shocked hockey fans when it was announced that he had signed a one year, $8 million deal to join the Sabres. It was reported that Hall turned down offers from Stanley Cup contenders like the Colorado Avalanche, Vegas Golden Knights and Boston Bruins, electing instead to re-join former Edmonton Oilers head coach Ralph Krueger in Buffalo.

Now the Sabres have published a "behind the scenes" video from the free agent frenzy that shows just how rookie Sabres GM Kevyn Adams was able to lure in the league's top free agent. It's a fascinating look at not only the negotiations between the two sides, but also just how big of a factor that Kreuger played in getting Hall on board.

You can watch the full video by clicking below: