A close up look at what Patrice Bergeron's skate did to Cal Clutterbuck's wrist.

This is gross.

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So fair warning to all of our readers if you have a soft stomach or are easily shaken by disturbing images then you may want to move on to the next article because this one is pretty ugly.

New York Islanders veteran Cal Clutterbuck was injured last week when he was the victim of a freak accident involving Boston Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron. We all know now that Clutterbuck will miss significant time but at the time of the incident we did not get a very good look at what exactly it was that happened. For those who missed it Clutterbuck was injured in the final 5 minutes of the game when a collision with the aforementioned Patrice Bergeron suddenly turned much more dangerous than expected. Both men appeared to be anticipating the contact when they went shoulder to shoulder in front of the Boston Bruins bench and it seemed like nothing more than a routine bump between the two men, however it would be anything but. The hit was very tame but in spite of that it was enough to send Bergeron tumbling forward off balance, eventually causing him to fall flat on his stomach on the ice. It was during that fall that Bergeron's skate somehow managed to sneak under the protecting provided by Clutterbuck's equipment and slash the Islanders forward across the wrist, leaving him with a pretty healthy looking gash where his flesh should have been. 

There was no malice on the part of Bergeron and it is clear that this was nothing more than a very unfortunate fluke, but for Clutterbuck it must have been a harrowing moment. The Islanders forward immediately rushed off the ice and to the locker room following the injury, and hopefully his quick thinking and quick action will lead to him making a full recovery.

Now we get to the ugly stuff. Thanks to Islanders columnist Andy Graziano of WFAN 660 we now have a close up look at the injury suffered by Clutterbuck and it is a nasty one. It comes as no surprise that this required some work by doctors to repair and no surprise that he is out inedfinitely as a result of the injury.