A defeated sounding McDavid dismisses fans concerns over bringing in Evander Kane

“It is what it is...” This man sounds tired and worn out.

A defeated sounding McDavid dismisses fans concerns over bringing in Evander Kane

The ongoing living, breathing soap opera that is Evander Kane has taken on yet another plot twist.

Kane, of course, had his contract terminated by the San Jose Sharks this past weekend after they alleged that he left the team's AHL affiliate San Jose Barracuda, travelled back home to Vancouver and returned back to San Jose a week late. Oh... and they allege that he was COVID-19 positive the entire time, breaking not only NHL/AHL COVID-19 protocols, but international travel mandates, as well. As a result of these allegations the NHL has launched YET ANOTHER investigation into Kane to get to the bottom of things.

You may recall that the league has conducted two other investigations into Kane in the past calendar year, as well. The first one was after his estranged wife Anna Kane claimed Evander had made illegal bets on NHL games, including games that he himself played in. That investigation ultimately turned up nothing, but the NHL did uncover the fact that Kane had faked a COVID-19 vaccination record and submitted a phony vaccine passport to the Sharks in order to get around the league's mandate. That offence cost him a 21 game suspension.

Now, with his contract terminated and his days with the Sharks over Kane is an unrestricted free agent on the verge of signing a new deal once the NHL concludes its most recent investigation. One of the frontrunners to land Kane is reportedly the Edmonton Oilers, even if Oilers fans want nothing to do with the controversial power forward. In fact, many Oilers fans took to social media yesterday after GM Ken Holland openly expressed interest in signing Kane. The prevailing sentiment in Oil Country seems to be that Kane isn't worth the disruption that he may cause in the dressing room, with several fans calling him a "cancer."

But, you know who doesn't care what you think Oilers fans? Captain Connor McDavid.

McDavid was asked earlier today what his thoughts are on acquiring Kane and how the move might be received by fans and... well... McDavid explicitly says, “If fans don't like it... whatever... there's lots that fans don't like.”

Check it out:


Big yikes there...

Thoughts, Oilers fans?