A devastating blow for the Minnesota Wild right before the playoffs.

An absolute disaster for the Wild.

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The Minnesota Wild have been dealt a devastating blow, and no one will be blamed for asking whether or not it's one they can hope to recover from.

The Wild announced on Wednesday that they have ruled out Zach Parise, one of the team's top forwards and one of it's emotional leaders, “indefinitely.” Parise's injury could not have hit the Wild at a worse time, they are on the verge of entering the postseason, they are facing a very tough Dallas Stars team, and the Wild were already down a forward with Thomas Vanek being injured.

It's unclear how long either forward is going to miss, but the Wild announced that neither player will be traveling with the team, ruling them out for, at the very least, the first two games of the playoffs. There's no way to reasonably expect Minnesota can fill the gap left by a player like Parise, it's already a disaster at two games, additional games could very well sink the Wild's playoff aspirations.

The question now becomes how bad the injury to Parise really is, and I'll be perfectly honest, the description from Wild insider Mike Russo earlier this week in the Star Tribune sounded a little scary.

Parise was diagnosed with a herniated disk that was pressing on a nerve in January. He played through the injury while getting treatment and cortisone injections. But since being tripped last week by Sharks center Logan Couture, Parise has experienced tingling in his legs, foot numbness and disabling back pain, sources say.

After a valiant turn around by the Wild to even make the playoffs, it would be a major disappointment to have their run end under these circumstances.