A drunken Brett Hull celebrates the Blues’ win by kissing a chinchilla

Hockey can be weird sometimes, but Hullzy makes it even weirder.

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St. Louis Blues fans are sitting pretty today after a HUGE 4-2 win over the Boston Bruins in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final. 

In case you missed it, Blues legend Brett Hull fired up the crowd at Enterprise Center in downtown St. Louis last night with a rousing rendition of, “Let’s go, Blues!” 

Check it out:

Hmmmmm… hitting the bottle a bit tonight there, Brett? No shame in it, we’re right there with you, bud.

And if you needed any more proof that Hull was primed for a good time last night, check out this bizarre video of him cuddling and kissing BarStool Sports mascot Boris the chinchilla:

Maybe the most endearing moment of the entire 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Thank you, Mr. Hull. Never change.