A familiar name to storm out of semi-retirement and into the playoffs?!

Are we ready for another Mike Fisher Special?!

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Remember last season when the Nashville Predators shock everyone by announcing that former captain and star forward Mike Fisher would return to the team for the postseason run? Fans went nuts over the fact that the veteran was not done with hockey and wanted another run at the Stanley Cup with the Preds. 

Well, it feels like we might see the Mike Fisher phenomenon once again the 2019. According to the Sportsnet’s Luke Fox, who put together a list of nine bold predictions for 2019, it seems like we are more than likely to see another player currently enjoying some sort of retirement phase return to the NHL. Here is how Fox explained it: 

“With GMs more reluctant to part with early-round draft picks for rental players, we wonder if a playoff-tested, well-rested player like Kevin Bieksa (Spengler Cup!), Rick Nash, Antoine Vermette or Dominic Moore might be pried off the couch to add affordable depth and leadership to a contender by the deadline.”

These veterans have stayed  in shape and have held off on filing their retirement press releases, so it could mean that one of them wants to return to a contender to get another chance at hoisting the Stanley Cup. 

This past summer, Nash made headlines when he surprisingly took himself off the market before it even opened. The 34-year-old had been quite unsure on whether he should return for a 16th NHL season – especially after suffering a concussion in March while playing for the Boston Bruins , one of several documented head injuries he’s dealt with over a 1,060-game career. Nash has yet to announce his retirement and could choose to sign with a club for the postseason to potentially win a Stanley Cup before hanging up the skates. 

It remains to be seen if any of these guys will ever play another game, however Fox has a feeling one could storm out of semi-retirement and into the playoffs this spring. Who do you believe could storm back into the NHL?