A glimpse into Erik Karlsson's disgusting pregame meal.

A glimpse into Erik Karlsson's disgusting pregame meal.

The Pittsburgh Penguins star defenseman has some seriously unusual taste when it comes to a pregame meal.

Jonathan Larivee

If you ever receive an invitation to have dinner at the home of Pittsburgh Penguins star defenseman Erik Karlsson, you may want to think twice before accepting.

On Saturday the Penguins gave us a glimpse into Karlsson's pregame ritual, likely knowing full well the kind of reaction it would provoke, one that includes a rather unusual pregame meal. According to Karlsson's own words, this is the meal that he consumes before each and every game regardless of when his team is hitting the ice that day.

"I eat this any game day," admitted Karlsson. "So whether it's a 12:00 game or like tonight an 8:00 game and this is the only thing I eat today."

So what is this monstrous concoction that Karlsson has put together? Well Karlsson begins with some pasta with alfredo sauce and chicken which sounds pretty normal, but then he begins to add. Karlsson starts by throwing on a heaping serving of meat sauce, adds some raw onions onto the pile, and finishes it off by drowning it with hot sauce and ketchup. He sprinkles some salt and pepper on it for good measure, before he "mucks it" by mashing the whole thing together before chowing it down with the help of a giant side of ranch.

"Yeah I think the first time anyone sees it I get a comment on it... usually not the most positive," admits Karlsson.

The Penguins released a video of Karlsson's pregame ritual which you can watch just below, viewer discretion is advised.