A look back at John Scott's incredible All-Star weekend.

If you missed any of it, we've got it all for you right here.

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It all started at as a way for one high profile blogger to punk the NHL and what has been a terrible series of All-Star games in recent years, and it turned into an absolutely fairy tale weekend for one All-Star and he took every NHL fan along for the ride with him.

I can't even imagine the legion of new fans John Scott made himself over the weekend, but you can count this writer among them. Scott showed tremendous class, grace, and most of all humor throughout the festivities and the fans in attendance rewarded him with the admiration he earned in the process.

The best part of it all? Scott actually got to show off some of his skills as a hockey player, he showed off that despite being an enforcer deep down he's just a genuinely nice guy, and he walked away with a well deserved All-Star MVP award, and a new car as a result, something that will most certainly help him and his expecting wife in dealing with the two new members about to join their family.

If you missed any of what was a truly incredible storybook event here's a look at some of the best moments, and there were many to choose from, from All-Star John Scott.

John Scott, the Pacifiic captain, ties the game for his team.

John Scott delivers a bump to Patrick Kane, and Kane responds.

John Scott snipes one top shelf on the breakaway!

John Scott Named 2016 All-Star MVP.

It meant everything to Scott, the crowd and even his fellow players.