A look back at the time the Flyers almost trolled the “Neutral Zone Trap” out of existence.

Flyers mock a system we all hated.

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For new fans of the National Hockey League, the unbearable style know as the "Neutral Zone Trap" will never be something they are forced to experience, but for those of us who lived through it we're glad it's a distant memory.

No coach abused the style more than defensive minded Guy Boucher who implemented a 1-3-1 style that attempted to shut down all movement in the neutral and stiffed any offensive creativity from both his players as well as the opposing ones.

Thankfully the trap is gone, and it's not coming back any time soon, but it's largely due to efforts like this one from the Philadelphia Flyers that drew all the wrong kinds of attention to the problem, and eventually forced the NHL to step in and make some changes.