A lot of distraction for Duchene!

Does it explain his lack of offense and Dorion's potential trade regrets?

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Let's say this is not going according to plans. Or according to Ottawa Senators general manager Pierre Dorion's plans, we should say. While forward Kyle Turris is tearing it up with the Nashville Predators since the transaction that sent him there from Ottawa, the star forward the Sens acquired in the deal is not doing much...

Matt Duchene has now gone seven games without a point with his new team, and fans start to wonder if they can already called the blockbuster trade a disaster. 

According to Matt Larkin of the Hockey News, it is too early to do that and explains with something Ryan Kesler told him after the Vancouver Canucks traded him to the Anaheim Ducks in 2014.

There is a bit of anxiety getting traded for the first time in my career, having to find kids schools, having to find a home, having to figure out the car situations,” Kesler said. “There are so many things off-ice that people really don’t understand when you get traded. It’s not just moving teams. I moved countries (laughs).”

"So maybe Duchene is a bit distracted in these early days," he explains. 

Add to all this a coaching change, the first two games with his new team against his old one in Sweden and a new culture, Duchene still has time to prove to fans the trade was a good one. 

Of course it doesn't help that in Nashville, Turris has amassed two goals and three assists in seven games. 

But it might be too early to call the move a bust ... for now.