A potential third jersey for the Seattle Kraken?

Do you believe they should get this third uniform?

A potential third jersey for the Seattle Kraken?

Last week, all 31 teams across the National Hockey League unveiled a brand new jersey, the Reverse Retro, a play on throwback jerseys with modern twists. Teams will wear the jerseys multiple times this season, including designated rivalry games.

Obviously, the Seattle Kraken did not take part in the event since the 32nd franchise in the league is set to make its debut during the 2021-22 season. And to be honest, what would the Reverse Retro look have been? Fans have already been quite tough on the Vegas Golden Knights, who rather than drew from the team’s short history in the NHL, decided to pay homage to pro hockey franchises that preceded them and paved the way for their existence. They ended creating a uniform inspired in parts by Manon Rheaume, the first woman to play in the NHL, who wore similar striping as a member of the Las Vegas Thunder of the International Hockey League. Some fans still complained about it…

It however does not sound fair that the Kraken doesn’t get a third jersey, one that they’ll be able to sport on those designated rivalry games. While the Kraken unveiled its logo, its colors and its two sweaters weeks ago, one man thought it’d only be fair for them to get a third jersey as well. 

That’s why artist Carter Richard imagined what a third jersey could look like for the new expansion team. And this is what he came up with: 

What do you think? Should the team go on and create this look for their official third jersey? We know what some of you are saying ‘They have yet to play a game, but they’ll have three uniforms…’

But come on, you have to admit it looks great!