A second NHL player has tested positive for COVID-19.

Details inside.

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The National Hockey League has just been hit with another positive test for COVID-19 and no doubt there now has to be serious concern for the people that have spent time in and around this player. 

According to an announcement made from the Ottawa Senators official website, a second player who has not been identified has tested positive for the deadly strain of coronavirus that has caused a pandemic around the world. The Senators mentioned in their official statement that several members of their organization had been traveling with this player on their most recent road trip, and this no doubt has to be weighing on the minds of those involved and their families. 

Here is the Senators statement unedited and in full:

A second Ottawa Senators player has tested positive for COVID-19. The player was part of the recent away trip that included games in San Jose, Anaheim and Los Angeles.

The total number of people that travelled with the club is 52, including players, staff, media, guests and flight crew. Of those on the trip, 44 have shown no symptoms, eight people have been tested, and two positive results were received. We are awaiting the results from tests that took place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Everyone who took part in the Ottawa Senators trip to California was instructed to self-quarantine on Friday, March 13th and remain so.

The Ottawa Senators' medical team is actively monitoring players and staff and following all appropriate and professional guidelines to help ensure the health and safety of our employees and the greater community.  

As mentioned in the statement the Senators are now clearly awaiting the results of further tests that have been conducted as a result of the appearance of the virus among members of the team. It will remain to be seen if any other players will test positive, but even if they do it seems unlikely at this time that the Senators or the National Hockey League will be disclosing the identity of those involved. Other league's have disclosed the names of players but that was with the consent of those players, thus far the NHL has chosen not to identify their positive cases likely due to those players wishing that information to remain private.