A shirtless David Hasselhoff makes a bizarre cameo for the Canadiens.

A truly bizarre moment.


This has got to be one of the most bizarre things I have seen a hockey team promote in quite some time, and thus far the reaction to it seems to be quite mixed. 

On Saturday night the Montreal Canadiens announced that "Tonight's Masked Cameo" would be none other than infamous Hollywood actor David Hasselhoff. Now I assume based on the fact that this was delivered via Cameo, a service in which you can pay celebrities from all walks of life to read out a simple message you wrote, that the Canadiens paid Hasselhoff for this appearance, but I'm not sure they got what they expected. 

Although Hasselhoff would deliver the traditional Habs catchphrase of "Go Habs Go" during his message, there was also a good deal of rambling about his career on Baywatch, his car from Knight Rider, and the fact that he was delivering the promo while shirtless. 

Some fans clearly loved it, others clearly hated it, and many are like me and just though the whole thing felt incredibly out of place and more than a little strange. You can watch it yourself and let us know what you think of Tonight's Masked Cameo.