A shocking update in the Semyon Varlamov domestic abuse case.

Huge news out of the Semyon Varlamov domestic abuse case.

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An absolutely shocking twist in the Semyon Varlamov case has vindicated the Colorado Avalanche goaltender who was by all accounts very emotional throughout the whole process.

This story goes back three years now when Varlamov was first accused of battering his former girlfriend, the woman even claimed to fear for her life, in fact she claimed Varlamov had even suggested he would kill her, but no charges were ever filled. Varlamov wasn't done with the headaches though and now three years later the ordeal is finally over for him after a jury has reached a shocking verdict in the civil trial he was embattled in.

From The Denver Post:

The jury in the civil trial of Evgeniya Vavrinyuk against Colorado Avalanche star Semyon Varlamov sided with the goalie Tuesday and awarded him $126,000 in damages.

That's right the woman who claimed to be the victim in this situation will now be forced to pay Varlamov for damages, and the crazyness doesn't end there. It's not hard to imagine how the jury reached such a verdict when you hear some of the facts presented in the case.

She didn't go to police until she had already signed a contract with Denver lawyer Robert Abrams that would have given him 40 percent of any settlement she might receive in a civil suit, Menninger said.

Despite the contract, when she did talk to police, she told them that she wanted only justice, not money, Menninger said.

Vavrinyuk then had telephone conversations with a friend in Russia in which she said she wanted a $1 million payout, which she would have to split with the lawyer, Menninger said.

Varlamov has his name cleared, and it sounds like he, the true victim in this case, will get some small compensation for his suffering.