Abdelkader drops Barkov to the ice with a big shot to the head.

There's a new angle of the hit and it does not look good.

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I'll be honest, at first glance this hit didn't seem all that bad, but with the additional replay provided by Matt Porter of The Palm Beach Post below the video, it looks considerably worse, and one would have to imagine could easily result in a suspension.

Red Wings forward Justin Abelkader went up on high on Aleksander Barkov, the Florida Panthers' franchise player, during the second period of their match up on Monday day. As you will hear in the video below, the Florida announcing crew was not happy for what they immediately called a high hit. However with the replays on the broadcast it still seemed somewhat inconclusive.

That's where the replay from the Beach Post comes in, and in this angle Abdelkader appears to drive up and into the head of Barkov, something we've heard all too often when it comes to Player Safety handing on discipline. To make matters worse for Abdelkader, there was no call of any kind on the ice, at least not against Detroit.

First here's the video of the broadcast:

Now take a look at the additional angle.