Adam Larsson is suffering from a “lower-body” injury

The Edmonton Oilers' defenseman got hurt last night in Tampa.

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Coach McLellan said Adam Larsson will not be in the lineup for tonight’s game as a result of a lower-body injury. The Edmonton Oilers are facing the Florida Panthers tonight and they will miss their top shutdown defenseman.

Larsson came to Edmonton last summer as the Oilers sent Taylor Hall to the New Jersey Devils. “Although there was some potential for him to see his offensive presence grow with the transition from New Jersey to Edmonton, in the end it doesn’t seem to have impacted him at all from that perspective.” as described per Rotoworld. 

Larsson, 24 years old, is a first round pick (4th overall). He scored 3 goals and registered 12 assists for 15 points in 59 games this year. Coach Mclellan did not specified if Larsson’s injury is a short-term or long-term while some are speculating that he might be out for more than one game.

More details to come as it flows.