Adam McQuaid knocked out after bad hit from behind. No call.


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You can be sure there will be a big fat target on the back of Washington Capital Zack Sill for some time when it comes to playing against the Boston Bruins.

Sill delivered a very dangerous hit to Bruins forward Adam McQuaid during their Tuesday night match up, with McQuaid making a play for a puck along the boards Sill drilled him from behind, and although McQuaid's movement made the hit worse than it should of been, it would have been a questionable hit without McQuaid moving at all.

The result was McQuaid falling to the ice in a heap, and he lay there limp for several moments before eventually being helped by Bruins medical staff.

Sill has spent nearly his entire season in the AHL, and plays like this will leave many wondering if he should be on an NHL roster at all.