Adam Ruzicka learns his fate on Saturday.
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Adam Ruzicka learns his fate on Saturday.

The Arizona Coyotes forward learned his fate after a controversial video was published this week.

Jonathan Larivee

Arizona Coyotes forward Adam Ruzicka has learned his fate.

According to a report from National Hockey League insider Elliotte Friedman, Ruzicka has cleared waivers on Sunday and as a  result will now have his NHL contract terminated by the Coyotes.

The Coyotes had previously announced their intent to move on from Ruzicka when they made the move to place him on unconditional waivers.

Ruzicka was waived after a video was published to his Instagram that appeared to show the 24 year old Slovakian forward engaged in drug use. In the video, a white powdery substance can be seen on a plate that is surrounded by rolled up bills and something that looks like a credit card, all of which are hallmarks of cocaine use.

It comes as no surprise that teams around the league avoided submitting a claim for Ruzicka, as no team in the league wants to give off the appearance of endorsing the behavior that resulted in him being placed on unconditional waivers by the Coyotes. Ruzicka will however be an unrestricted free agent and could in theory sign with any NHL team willing to offer him a contract moving forward.