Agent for McDavid and Matthews slams NHL, claims it should be more like NFL

Hmmm... I don't know about that.


Jeff Jackson, NHL player agent for superstars like Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews, was like the rest of us hockey fans last night. He kicked his feet up, flipped on the tube and tried to escape reality a bit by watching some hockey. But what Jackson saw in his clients' games last night compelled him to speak out against the NHL and its rules and propose a rule change more in line with the NFL's.

In particular Jackson called out the NHL for not protecting its start players. Jackson said "the abuse that star players take is hard to watch," and said that it feels like last night's games were a return to the no holds barred 1980s.

Check it out:

Great to see NHL hockey back last night. Such amazing athletes & so much speed & skill in the game now.  But watching the abuse that star players take is hard to watch. Felt like the 80’s with the cross checks in the back & the hacking & slashing. NFL protects QB’s? Why don’t we?

Hmmmmm... I get what you're saying but... I don't think there are too many hockey fans wanting to see the NHL follow in the NFL's footsteps. The NHL already goes out of its way to protect goaltenders the same was the NFL goes out of its way to protect quarterbacks. Now we want to add "star players" to that list, as well? Nonsense. 

If these guys can't shine in a physical sport like hockey are they really stars to begin with? I'm not one to advocate violence, but the fact of the matter is that hockey is a fast, physical sport and if you're afraid of getting hurt you probably shouldn't be playing. This is the NHL, after all.