Agent slams Bettman, uncovers reasons behind lack of Olympic participation for NHLers

Some pretty serious and damning allegations against the NHL's boss.

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Allan Walsh has never been one to hide his feelings. The outspoken NHL player agent has made headlines over the years and has always been critical of the NHL and its commissioner Gary Bettman. Now, Walsh alleges that Bettman is personally keeping NHL players out of the Olympics as a negotiating ploy with the NHLPA.

In particular, Walsh calls out Bettman for using the players as a pawn in his game with the NHLPA and ultimately it’s us fans who end up paying the price.

Check out Walsh’s comments from this past weekend’s All-Star Game festivities:

“With regard to the Olympics, Bettman has privately indicated to those around him he’s ok with players going as long as the NHL Players’ Association gives up some big concession for it in collective bargaining. The whole “extraordinarily disruptive” argument is #BettmanBull—t."

These comments come on the heels of the All-Star break, in which the league disrupts their season for a meaningless tournament… but the league can’t disrupt their season for a tournament that actually means something… you know like the FREAKING Olympics!

This is a serious allegation hurled by Walsh and it’ll be interesting to see if Bettman has a response. If indeed Walsh's statements are found to be true then its proof of what a lot of hockey fans have known for decades now... Bettman does NOT negotiate in good faith. Rather, he rules with an iron fist and, again, us hockey fans are the ones who ultimately pay the price.

The league’s current collective bargaining agreement expires after the 2021-22 season just months AFTER the 2022 Beijing Olympics.