Akim Aliu drags another current NHL coach in the Bill Peters saga

Akim Aliu drags another current NHL coach in the Bill Peters saga

This is getting uglier and uglier…



Controversy arose once again on Wednesday when it was reported that Bill Peters is being given a second chance by the Lethbridge Hurricanes and will return to the Western Hockey League and organized hockey for the first time in nearly four years, despite the unresolved dispute with Aliu.

Back in 2019, Peters resigned from his job as head coach of the Calgary Flames following a scandal in which he was alleged to have used racially charged language with Aliu during both Peters’ and Aliu’s time with the AHL’s Rockford IceHogs.

When the announcement was made that Peters was given the second chance, Aliu exposed that the former NHL coach had not apologized for his actions - 13 years after the incident, and nearly 4 years after it became public and cost him his NHL head coaching job.

On top of that, Aliu revealed in a statement on social media before the Hurricanes’ news conference introducing Peters, that another current NHL coach had gotten in the mix, saying that a current head coach in the NHL reached out to him on behalf of Peters to try to broker an apology.

“(Peters) called me the ‘N’ word and instead of apologizing at the time he doubled down and sent me to the East Coast League — I went through a tremendously dark time throughout this whole process,” said Aliu. “He would berate and embarrass me endlessly in front of the whole team on a daily basis.

“Truth be told if I never said anything he would still be coaching in the NHL. I am all about second chances but only if they are sincere.”

The WHL made a statement on their end that Peters has completed an anti-racism training and coaching certification program with guidance from Shades of Humanity Consulting, a national diversity, equity and inclusion agency. Commissioner Ron Robison added in a statement how he’s satisfied Peters has taken the necessary steps required to return to coaching in the WHL.

However, don’t you believe it should include an apology to Aliu???

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