Akim Aliu slammed by fans over latest hockey project.
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Akim Aliu slammed by fans over latest hockey project.

Akim Aliu misses the mark.

Jonathan Larivee

Former National Hockey League player Akim Aliu has always been something of a controversial figure in the world of hockey, but he may have taken that to a new level this week.

On Monday, Aliu went to the media to share his idea for a hockey project in the Greater Toronto Area, one that reportedly has received significant financial backing. According to a report from TSN's Rick Westhead the project would have "assured BIPOC player roster spots, female representation and people of colour in managerial positions" and this appears to be the core issue that most fans have taken issue with.

I strongly believe that the vast majority of hockey fans would be open to encouraging more female representation and representation for people of colour, but that is a far cry from guaranteeing those spots based on gender and/or race. The result has been considerable backlash to the revelation of this project, one that has apparently been rejected by the Greater Toronto Hockey League.

Here are just a few examples of some of the responses today, many of which appear to echo the same general sentiment:

Interestingly enough most would appear to agree with the general sentiment being pushed here, but clearly the methods proposed to achieve these goals have ruffled more than a few feathers.

It would seem the Greater Toronto Hockey League had similar feelings on the matter, given that Akim Aliu is now accusing them of "stonewalling" his latest project.

Did the GTHL make the right call? Or do you support Akim Aliu's latest hockey venture? Let us know in the comments.