Alex DeBrincat addresses his future with Chicago Blackhawks as well as Kane and Toews

He's set to become an RFA after next season.

Michael W.

It's been a trying season for the Chicago Blackhawks, who have not only struggled on the ice and kept them from returning to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but also after the sexual assault scandal that rocked the organization after former forward Kyle Beach revealed himself as "John Doe" in the lawsuit against them. 

Of course, there was also the allegations that the entire locker room knew of the scandal at the time but did nothing about it, as it would have been an inconvenience to shift focus from the ongoing 2010 postseason. 

However, one of the bright spots on the ice this season has been the play of forward Alex DeBrincat, who has already matched his previous career high with 40 goals and 36 assists in 79 games played. The Farmington, MI native has one more year remaining on his contract before he can become a restricted free-agent. 

“I’m open to anything,” DeBrincat responded earlier today when asked about a potential extension. “We’ll see what they’re thinking. They have a lot of things to do probably before me. But I’m open to talking whenever they are, so we’ll see where it goes.”

Of course, next season is also the final year in the identical contracts of Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, the latter of which has openly pouted a number of occasions of having to go through a rebuild as well as lamenting a lack of communication between the players and the new management that took over after former GM Stan Bowman resigned in shame and disgrace. But according to DeBrincat, he's not discussed the future with either player. 

“We’ll talk maybe a little in the future, but that’s their decision. It doesn’t really affect me,” he said. “I’m still young. I want to help bring this team to the playoffs and win. I’m here to do whatever I can and obviously try to help win games.

“If that’s the rebuild next year, hopefully help some of the young guys come in and feel comfortable and (accelerate) that rebuild.”

"You’ve got to work for what you get," he continued. "So hopefully we can work these next couple years, get a good roster and win some games. Anytime you can win games, you have more fun in the locker room, more fun in the year.

“These next couple years, we can build that identity to get back to where we want to be, and hopefully it’s sooner than later.”