Alex Edler shares the brutal details of his positive test case

The 34 year old veteran and his family have been through the ringer.


Vancouver Canucks veteran Alex Edler, the longest serving member on the team, shared the details of his particularly difficult bout with COVID-19 with Swedish-language tabloid Expressen earlier today and... well it sounds like Edler and his family has really gone through a tough stretch the past few weeks.

Edler claims he experienced a fever for three days, loss of taste/smell and that his daughter River also experienced similar symptoms.

Some quotes from Edler, translated from Swedish below.

On his own bout with the virus:

The symptoms I got during the first three or four days felt like a common flu. I had pain in my body and felt weak. On the eighth day I woke up with a fever and it stayed for three days. I did not have a very high fever, but it was enough for me not to feel so good. So that the family would not be infected, I moved down to the basement here at home. 
But then our youngest daughter River tested positive, so she also had to move down and live in the basement with me. My wife and our eldest daughter survived and now the two-week quarantine has been lifted, so we can be together again the whole family.

On his teammates:

Most people have experienced the same fever as I did. Some had a higher fever, others lost their appetite completely. I have also heard someone who had lung problems. But no one has been so sick. The problem has been that it has dragged on. We players have been infected in various rounds.

On JT Miller's comments to the media on Wednesday:

Even though he himself did not have Covid, he felt that it would not have been so smart to force us back right now. Not least considering the risk of injury. Everyone wants to play hockey again, but we must look after our health first.

On potentially returning to action this weekend:

No one will be in top form, it is clear. The problem for us in the Canucks is that no other team has had so many players who tested positive for Covid and after resting for two weeks I do not know how I will feel after just a few ice sessions before it's time to start playing matches again. But it is important to realize the situation. All teams are going through tough times now and no one feels sorry for us. This season is unlike any other.

On trying to push for a playoff spot:

Hard to say right now. We will of course do everything to try to get to the playoffs, but I do not know how I or the team will feel when we start again. We get to take one match at a time.

For the full interview (in Swedish) click below: