Alex Formenton returns to Canada on indefinite leave of absence from current team

Alex Formenton returns to Canada on indefinite leave of absence from current team

Formenton was a member of the 2018 Team Canada WJC team:



Frank Seravalli has just confirmed that Ottawa Senators reserve list player Alex Formenton is returning to Canada, according to Swiss club HC Ambri-Piotta, and has been granted an indefinite leave of absence from the team.

As you know, he was a member of the 2018 Team Canada WJC team, though he has not played in the NHL since 2022. 

Earlier this morning, the Globe and Mail reported that five former players from the 2018 world junior hockey team have been told to surrender to London, Ont., police to face charges of sexual assault. The Globe reports the players, who have not been charged yet and remain anonymous, have been given a set period of time to present themselves at London police headquarters. Two sources have provided the information to the Globe and Mail. 

Fans have been waiting for several months now on an official announcement from the NHL vis-a-vis suspensions for players involved in the 2018 sexual assault scandal. It has been reported that at least “5 players” will be facing NHL suspensions in the 2018 Team Canada sex scandal. You may recall how news broke that Hockey Canada quietly settled a lawsuit filed by a woman who alleges she was sexually assaulted by eight unnamed players, including several members of the country’s 2018 world junior team, following a gala in London, Ontario. The players were not identified in court documents.

When allegations were made and the investigation got underway, Formenton was the lone player that did not made any comments or statement, nor has he been publicly named or charged.

At the start of the current season, Formenton re-signed with HC Ambri-Piotta, with an NHL out-clause that allows Formenton to return to the NHL at any time.

HC Ambri-Piotta had made this statement when talks of Formenton’s involvement in the ongoing investigation were getting louder:

“Formenton’s situation remains unchanged. The club is aware there is an ongoing investigation and, to date, there has been no charge nor conviction against the player. The club reserves the right to review the contractual situation with the player should new elements emerge. The player, for his part, has the possibility of returning to the NHL at any time if the second investigation were to resolve like the first with nothing done. Out of respect for the ongoing investigations, the player and club will not release further statements on the situation.”

More to come.

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