Alex Galchenyuk accused of threatening to kill police officer.
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Alex Galchenyuk accused of threatening to kill police officer.

Disturbing details emerge about the arrest of now former Arizona Coyotes forward Alex Galchenyuk.

Jonathan Larivee

It's hard to imagine how Alex Galchenyuk has any hope of continuing his career in the National Hockey League after disturbing details of his arrest this past Sunday have begun to leak out to the public.

A recently obtained police report has shed some light on the details that led to the arrest of the NHL forward this past Sunday, and the subsequent termination of his contract by the Arizona Coyotes on Friday.

We now know that Galchenyuk is charged with private property hit and run, disorderly conduct, failure to obey, resisting arrest and threatening or intimidating, and it is the threatening and intimidating that could land him in serious legal trouble. According to the Scottsdale Police Department's report, not only was a seemingly intoxicated Galchenyuk found at the scene of an accident, but the veteran forward was belligerent with police, going so far as to threaten their lives as they detained him and processed his arrest.

"I will kill you c— f—s and your entire family” and threatened “1 phone call and you’re dead," revealed one of the arresting officers as per The Athletic.

That same officer, who is African-American, also claims that Galchenyuk repeatedly directed racial slurs at him as he drove the former Coyotes forward to the police station, and continued to do so after repeated requests from the officer to stop.

"I asked Alexander to not refer to me using that term. He continued to say that derogatory meaning and threatening violence on to me until arriving," revealed the officer.

Comments made by other officers on scene would seem to corroborate the fact that Galchenyuk was being belligerent and making serious threats, with those officers claiming that Galchenyuk had also made threats against their families.

"One phone call and you’re all dead, your whole family, your whole blood line is dead," said Galchenyuk as per one of the officers on scene.

Given these rather disturbing details it comes as no surprise now that the Arizona Coyotes moved quickly to terminate Galchenyuk's contract and distance themselves from the player. The Coyotes often hold events in the Scottsdale area and have even held charity events there to raise money for fallen police officers in the past, so it comes as no surprise that a potential risk to that relationship was terminated so quickly.

The former first round pick (3rd overall) is a borderline NHL player at this stage of his career and it's hard to imagine, given the ugly details of his arrest, that any team in the league will want to take on the negative publicity that would come with signing Galchenyuk as a free agent.