Alex Galchenyuk is once again taken to court!

Alex Galchenyuk is once again taken to court!

Tough month for the veteran forward, who is facing more legal issues…



Things are going from bad to worse for Alex Galchenyuk, who is reportedly being sued for nearly $400,000, just days after getting into trouble with Arizona police and being released from his contract with the Coyotes.

While he has entered the NHL and NHLPA’s player assistance program after being arrested last week for a hit and run incident, Galchenyuk now faces new legal issues as the Journal de Montreal reports that the Royal Bank of Canada is suing the 29-year-old player for breach of a contract worth several hundred thousand dollars.

According to the report, back in June 2014 when he was a member of the Habs, Galchenyuk allegedly took out a loan worth $299,466.88 in US dollars documented in court documents recently filed at the Montreal courthouse.

It is alleged that the Bank reportedly told him that he was in default this past April, but Galchenyuk refused to pay the amount he owed to the banking institution.

The Bank therefore now him to repay the entire loan, with interest at an annual rate of 9.2%.

This could have to be settled in court, which wouldn't be the first time this month Galchenyuk has to deal with legal trouble. This is the article, in French from the Journal de Montreal: 

Galchenyuk was arrested July 9 in Scottsdale, Arizona, for a hit and run incident that resulted in the Coyotes terminating his contract just 13 days after signing him as a free agent.

The former first round pick made violent threats to officers after apparently crashing a car into a sign. The report said Galchenyuk used racial slurs toward an officer-in-training several times and cited his connections in Russia while not cooperating. “One phone call and you’re all dead, your whole family, your blood line is dead,” Galchenyuk told officers, according to the report.

Galchenyuk later apologized, saying he knows he has “a long road ahead of me” and entered the NHL and NHLPA’s player assistance program.

He is believed to be in talks to continue his career in the KHL, though he probably should tie up some loose ends, especially in Montreal, before leaving the country…

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