Alex Kerfoot reveals why he left the Maple Leafs

He's heading to the desert.



Former Toronto Maple Leafs forward Alex Kerfoot, who scored one of the biggest goals of the season for the team in overtime of Game 4 in their eventually successful Round 1 Stanley Cup postseason series against the rival Tampa Bay Lightning, has departed for sunnier pastures. 

At the start of free-agency, he elected to join the Arizona Coyotes on a two year contract worth a total of $7 million.

In the words of Kerfoot, he wanted to go somewhere he felt was the best "fit" for him, and also stated that he likes the direction that the team is taking despite their multiple issues with ownership and their embarrassingly small college arena that they share with the University of Arizona men's hockey team. 

"I just came away really impressed with where they're headed, what their mindset is at right now, and I think with what they're doing and where they envision the team going, it was a group that I wanted to be a part of.

Having played against them the last few years, they're a tough team to play against, they're competitive, they're fast, and I just felt like I could fit in with where I'm at. I was looking for a place where I thought that the fit was really good, and of the teams that I was talking to, I felt most comfortable with them. I felt like the fit was a big thing for me, and for the group, and everything else is an added bonus.

It just feels like they're in a different spot now. It feels like they're trying to take the next step. Being part of that change and helping grow the culture is fun to be a part of. Things are trending really well for this group, and I'm happy to be part of it."

How will he and the Coyotes fare this upcoming season? 

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