Alex Ovechkin facing a unique threat tonight in the NHL.

One player has promised to go after Ovechkin.

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One of the National Hockey League's superstars is facing a very unique threat on Thursday night.

While a player of Ovechkin's talent is likely used to having a target on his back, this time the man coming after him will be doing so for more personal reasons than normal. 

A report from Julie Robenhymer has revealed that 21-year-old New Jersey Devils forward Miles Wood will finally get to fulfill a promise he made to Ovechkin when he was just 10-years-old. 

Wood reportedly mailed a card to Ovechkin whom he was hoping would sign the card, but the card game with a letter and that letter contained a threat. Wood promised that if Ovechkin didn't sign and return his card he would deliver a body check to him when they crossed paths in the NHL.

Ovechkin never signed the card and tonight Wood dresses for the Devils against the Capitals, and he will get a chance to make good on that promise.