Alex Ovechkin makes professional soccer players look silly.

Is there anything he can't do?

Jonathan Larivee

There is no doubt that, regardless of what may happen over the final years of his career in the National Hockey League, Washington Capitals star forward Alexander Ovechkin will go down as one of the greatest hockey players to ever live. The Russian superstar has been nothing short of a phenom from the first moment that he stepped out onto NHL ice, but as it would turn out his talents aren't just limited to playing puck.

Over the weekend the Russian superstar showcased the fact that he is a multi sport athlete when he was invited to play in a friendly soccer match between FC Dynamo Moscow and FC Amkal Moscow, with Ovechkin playing for Dynamo Moscow on this particular occasion.

The game was a total blowout on the part of Dynamo Moscow with them eventually taking the victory by the relatively wide margin of 5 - 0, but it would be the NHL superstar that would steal the show.

When the score was still tied at 0 - 0 it would be Ovechkin who would break the ice by scoring the first goal of the game, doing so in what was effectively his debut game with FC Dynamo Moscow. While that is without a doubt an incredible accomplishment on his part, hockey fans have become all too accustomed to Ovechkin scoring goals.

Funnily enough, the goal came from a position that was eerily familiar to the one we've seen him standing in at the top of the faceoff circle in so many NHL games.

Here's the video: