Alex Ovechkin sends Aaron Ekblad down the tunnel with heavy hit!

The Great 8 is throwing his weight around.

Michael Whitaker

Not only is he the best goal scorer of the modern era, but he's also been known to throw his weight around. 

Washington Capitals forward and captain Alex Ovechkin is doing all he can to extend his team's season to a deciding 7th game against the Florida Panthers, and during the first period of tonight's Game 6 matchup against the Florida Panthers, he delivered a particularly brutal hit on defenseman Aaron Ekblad.

The hit clearly affected Ekblad, who was shaken up and would make his way down the team tunnel to the dressing room. 

The good news for the Panthers is that Ekblad has since returned to the bench. 

“If the big man is hitting, and I guess everyone has got less games than him, less experience, less… GOAT-ness. So if the big man is hitting, you better be hitting, too,” teammate T.J. Oshie said earlier in the series. “He’s going to drag everyone else along with him. He wears the ‘C’ for a reason. He leads us into battle when he’s going hard and he’s playing physical, that just bleeds through the rest of the team."